Our Services

Construction Services


Our most skilled trade is roof replacement and roof repair right here in Richardson, TX. Hands down, this is the core of our business, and it's where Alliance Restoration first began. Our roof repair technicians pride themselves in locating water leaks in difficult-to-see locations and providing leak-repair solutions that many times carry a repair warranty. Our roof install teams and project managers know how to anticipate A-typical challenges for residential and commercial roofing. We educate our clients on our installation procedures and values.


Precision is the focus with an Alliance Restoration Seamless Gutter System. Our gutter installation team fabricates your system on-site for a tight fit, every time. Choose from a variety of colors and upgrades including the very popular Gutter Guard for keeping leaves and debris out of your new system. We love installing Gutter Guard for our clients because it's an extremely affordable gutter upgrade that brings a ton of value! Stop killing yourself with roof and gutter maintenance! Our team can help. Ask about 6" round gutters and downspouts with catch basins and even copper gutter systems to really make your home shine!


With safety at the forefront of their minds, our chimney installers have one of the most dangerous jobs of all. Towering to heights of well over 50 feet at times, these guys have all our respect. Amazingly, their workmanship doesn’t suffer. Quality workmanship in hard to reach locations shouldn’t be taken for granted. Our team is the safest and most professional installation crew in North Texas.

Painting and Staining

We use professional painters and the highest quality paint and stain for all our projects. We specialize in restoring interiors that have been damaged by water, taking good care of your personal space with comprehensive prep and content manipulation, executing proper application, and cleaning up as if we were never there. Our painters are established professional in North Texas, and they have been working in interior restoration for decades. We leverage their skill and expertise to deliver the highest quality, every time.


Siding damage can completely change the once-beautiful appearance of your home, to something very unsightly. Our siding installation teams are well-versed in removal and replacement of all different types of siding materials. Local building codes are constantly updating here in North Texas, and many times damaged siding can lead to a complete upgrade of your exterior paneling. Our siding teams understand the manufacturer requirements for multiple lines of siding including the best in the industry, James Hardie.


Full replacement, window glazing, screen replacement, beading and more. Our window teams are filled with knowledge and skill. As delicate as windows can be during a replacement, homeowners need installers that understand the workmanship required to repair properly the first time, and without shattered glass. Many times, a simple beading fix can lead to a full window replacement without the right knowledge and experience needed to execute with precision. Don’t let a small repair turn into a big problem. Let Alliance Restoration’s window installers do it right, the first time.

Garage Doors

Another great example of precision is shown in the quality of our garage door replacements. No squeaky noises, or misaligned railing is acceptable. They take the time to properly align all hardware the first time, ensuring a high-quality install at the end of the day. We offer a large variety of upgrades from cedar wood doors to beautiful metal ones, as well as traditional and more modern designs.

Management and Consultation Services

Inspection and Damage Assessment

The first step in any restoration project is to perform a routine inspection gathering photos, measurements, and notes needed to provide a comprehensive assessment of the damage to your home.


We provide you a step-by-step, proven process on how to navigate through the insurance claim process, from the meeting with your insurance adjuster to the final walk around, making sure you are 100% satisfied with our work.

Scope of Work Creation

Insurance companies across America now use an estimating software called Xactimate to create the scope of work for your claim. For that reason, our team is heavily trained and experienced in Xactimate. We provide our own estimate, written in Xactimate, to compare with that of your insurance adjuster. Often, this results in a more comprehensive scope of work so that your project can be completed properly, on time, and on budget.

Construction Management

The very core of our business. Nothing brings more value to a construction project than a company who understands how to manage. Organizing details such as permitting, understanding local residential building codes, abiding by OSHA standards and requirements, and most importantly fulfilling the project to the satisfaction of you, our customer. Whether you are out of town, working from home, worried about your pets in the back yard, let me assure you we have been through it, and we take pride in our ability to manage around those requests that are most important to you and your family.


Once completed with construction, we are proud to be able to offer the best warranties in the country. We partner with the largest and most well-respected shingle supplier in the world, GAF. Alliance Restoration’s “System Plus Warranty” is packed with value for a lifetime! Combined with our “Bi-annual Service Commitment”, you will finally have the peace of mind you deserve for the most important aspect of your home, your roof.