Our Process


Complimentary Inspection

Before contacting your insurance and filing a claim for damages, it is highly recommended that a professional roofing contractor inspect the damages of your property. Confirming this first prevents any wasted time filing a claim with your insurance company, only to find out there are no damages, or not enough damages to warrant a claim. Alliance Restoration offers these inspections free of charge and obligation. So don't wait until minor damages turn into major ones. Call us today to set up a complimentary inspection!

Damage Assessment and Review

After our inspection is complete, our certified project manager will review their findings with you. We snap pictures, take measurements, and record notes regarding the extent of all damages. Organization from the beginning is the best way to ensure your insurance company sees all of the damages that we do, which leads to a comprehensive scope of work for your restoration project.


Hassle-Free Contingency Agreement

Our Contingency Agreement is a hassle free way for us to work directly with you and your insurance company to ensure the scope of work for your project has the oversite of a professional restoration contractor. If the roof isn't approved by your insurance company, then you have no obligation to us. It's that simple.

File Insurance Claim

The next step is an easy one. If indeed there is significant damages to your property, then together, we will take 10-15 minutes to call your insurance company and file a claim.


Attend Your Adjuster Meeting

Once the adjuster from your insurance company confirms a date and time to inspect your damages, our project manager will be there onsite to meet with and walk the property during the adjuster's inspection. We pride ourselves in our ability to work with your adjuster, not against. Each of them operates differently, and therefore tact and respect come first. Ultimately our goal is to ensure your adjuster is aware of all damages that we see, what local building codes are unique to that area, and most importantly of our intent to restore your home back to a beautiful condition.

Supplement (As Needed)

As needed, our team will prepare an estimate in the widely used estimating software called Xactimate. This allows us to communicate with your insurance adjuster in a way that is efficient and familiar as the overwhelming majority of insurance adjusters use Xactimate to write their own estimates. Local building codes, manufacturer requirements, pictures, and construction notes are only some of the items we include with our estimates. When an adjuster receives a supplement estimate from Alliance Restoration, they see the organization and construction acumen of an experienced restoration contractor. This inevitably leads to a better customer experience for you and your family.


Scope of Work Addendum

A final scope of work addendum is drafted and agreed to before any construction is started. It is important to our customers to know exactly what they are getting and exactly what they are paying for it. For this reason, we wait until all estimate revision with your insurance carrier have been completed before committing either of us to a scope of work. Once the scope is finalized with the carrier, the process of putting together a clear and accurate scope of work is much cleaner and easier to understand. In our opinion, this is one of the most differentiating pieces of our process. If you are looking for clarity, understanding, and peace of mind, our proven process for navigating insurance restoration projects is perfect for you.

Collect Construction Deposit

We collect a fair deposit that covers only our estimated project costs, no need for us to collect all your money up front. You don’t pay the final bill until you are completely satisfied!


Schedule Construction

Once a deposit is received from you, we are ready for construction. Fulfillment is the most organized part of our process. We are committed, not only to high-quality execution, but we also value to flow of the project. As every project manager knows, it is their responsibility to bring a project in on-time, and on-budget. That's the cadence of a good PM, and that's exactly the commitment you will see from our PM team members. Dedicated to excellence in execution, and always prioritizing customer expectations and service.


Construction is our strength and the reason we love what we do. The foundations of our services all rest on our ability to do great work, day in and day out. Our attention to detail, the organization of our scope, the preparation with local building officials and inspectors, and execution of our most highly respected installer network all come together to provide an end-product that you will be proud of. Put our word to the test! We guarantee satisfaction.


Quality Assurance Walk-through

We walk every project our clients to ensure you are happy with our work. We encourage the use of a formalized punch list for any stone left unturned. This is the best way to understand what it will take to close the project to your satisfaction.

Certificate of Completion

Once your satisfied with the work, we co-sign a Certificate of Completion..


Final Payment and Warranty

Once final payment is collected, we file for your lifetime warranty through GAF. That warranty is delivered directly to your residence with instructions on how to use it or transfer it.